Jesse Is Heavyweight Retains FULL Rights to His Feature Film

Jesse Is Heavyweight, hip hop magnate and founder of Heavyweight Enterprises, has been teasing a full length documentary for a while now. Once the Trailer to the film was teased we knew the movie wasn’t far behind. Well in a turn of events it would seem that his feature film was caught up in aContinue reading “Jesse Is Heavyweight Retains FULL Rights to His Feature Film”

African Americans Break Technological Barriers That Change the World Forever

Blacks also known as people of African descent are advancing society technologically. The strides African Americans have made in innovation has changed the globe for the better. These inventions, advancements, and innovations are not only mind boggling, they are saving countless lives for the foreseeable future. A laundry list of ailments and systemic obstacles asContinue reading “African Americans Break Technological Barriers That Change the World Forever”

Jesse Is Heavyweight Set To Release Happy To Be Here: Heavyweight Documentary

Heavyweight teased a feature film documentary trailer in 2019. A tell all documentary detailing the birth of Jesse Is Heavyweight’s first successful business Heavyweight Enterprises. The film takes you from the gritty streets of South Oak Cliff, Texas to the Hollywood Hills. From project apartments in Dallas to a successful independent conglomerate ran under theContinue reading “Jesse Is Heavyweight Set To Release Happy To Be Here: Heavyweight Documentary”

African American Woman Responsible for Modern Day Air Conditioning

Alice H. Parker a Howard University alum, shares the alma mater of the founder of DCS, Jesse Is Heavyweight, invented modern day air conditioning when she decided it was too cold in her east coast home and she invented a natural gas heating furnace. Alice Parker patented the invention and changed the course of historyContinue reading “African American Woman Responsible for Modern Day Air Conditioning”

African American Revolutionizes Safety Industry Globally with Technology Innovations

Inventor Garrett A. Morgan is responsible for the modern day traffic light and the modern day gas mask. Garrett Morgan’s gas mask helped save dozens of men in a tunnel accident. The traffic light regulates the flow of traffic and saves countless lives internationally till this very day. Garrett Morgan’s innovations are largely uncelebrated althoughContinue reading “African American Revolutionizes Safety Industry Globally with Technology Innovations”

Technological Advancement on the Rise in the Black Global Community

Black people have led the charge in many technological breakthroughs going back to the beginning of time. These advancements have afforded humanity some of the necessities and the luxuries of today. Without black people the world would have no sewer system, no major cities, as those foundational breakthroughs come directly from ancient Africa. The advancementsContinue reading “Technological Advancement on the Rise in the Black Global Community”

Gucci Mane Sentenced to 3 Years In Prison

Gucci Mane just pled out to 3 years in prison on his felony gun possession charge. They gave him time served meaning Big Guwop should be back on the streets in 2016. Free Gucci!!!

Puffy Speaks At Howard U’s Graduation

In 2014 Howard University in Washington, DC decided to give Diddy his honorary degree in Humanities. Upon receiving his doctorate he gave a very motivational speech. Puff Daddy went to Howard in the early 90s but dropped out of college to become the mogul he became. This is a fan made video live from theContinue reading “Puffy Speaks At Howard U’s Graduation”

Dr.Dre Announces Being The First Hip Hop Billionaire!!!!

Apparently Dr.Dre and Jimmy Iovine sold Beats By Dre to Apple for a little over $3.2 Billion. Late last night Tyrese shot this viral video with Dr.Dre and it seems like they are all having a great time with the Doc. Shout out to F. Gary Gray repping South Central in the vid. And IContinue reading “Dr.Dre Announces Being The First Hip Hop Billionaire!!!!”

Steve Francis Rolling Rolling Rolling, He Aint Slept In Weeks

Former All Star basketball player Steve Francis seems to be having a tough run. Here we find him in the club alone feeling Beyonce’s Drunk In Love a little too much… In the end of this pirated video he falls over after drinking a whole lot of water. Just Say No.