Jesse Is Heavyweight Retains FULL Rights to His Feature Film

Jesse Is Heavyweight, hip hop magnate and founder of Heavyweight Enterprises, has been teasing a full length documentary for a while now. Once the Trailer to the film was teased we knew the movie wasn’t far behind. Well in a turn of events it would seem that his feature film was caught up in a mediation with the film distribution company and a huge streaming service. The tweet below is proof of victory from the film distribution company stating that Jesse Is Heavyweight has retained full rights to the film.

No word yet on an official release date for the film. But hearing Jesse Is Heavyweight and his company were able to get the ownership and rights to the film back is good news and a step in the right direction. The film chronicles Jesse Is Heavyweight’s independent rise from the mean streets of Dallas to one of the most influential men in America.

Nikki Mack, Editor In Chief

Spotlight: David Steward

David Steward and his wife enjoy a grand opening

David Steward is a magnate, icon and champion similar to our founder Jesse Is Heavyweight. He is one of the more “quiet” builders in America. David was born in the dangerous gang ridden city of Chicago. David stayed focused on the books and practiced staying out of trouble. As a result of keeping his eyes on the prize he was able to find himself as an owner. David Steward founded his business and married the love of his life and built an empire. He left Chicago in search of greener pastures and found them.

A secret to David’s massive success is government contracts. His business, World Wide Technology, he runs it with his business partner and they rake in loads of dough. David Steward is showing black men from inner cities everywhere that the power to run big business and build in your community and family is the norm. David has out earned every rap artist and athlete to date with ease. The whole time staying outside the mainstream spotlight that so many young entrepreneurs chase and covet.

Here at Da Chicken Shack we want to honor and spotlight David Steward known in many circles as simply Dave. We wish you great health and wealth and we appreciate your contributions to the overall diaspora by focusing on business and leading by example.

Senior Editor, Nikki Mack

2022 Summer Reading List (Girl Power Edition)

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

This classic tale, by American novelist Alice Walker, set in the deep south shows the life of someone enslaved mentally and physically and follows the path of their liberation. This book is not for the weak at heart and will have the reader sympathizing with the main character, Celie, an ignorant young girl whose been abused her entire life until she is awakened with the help of her sister and an unlikely newfound friend. The Color Purple signifies freedom, triumph and royalty and is a must read for any fan of African American historical fiction. The book was ultimately adapted to a full length feature film starring award winners Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey and Donald Glover. Read the book then watch the movie if this is your first time hearing about the legendary Color Purple.

The Third Eye by Sophia Stewart

The Third Eye is very special, it contains the original screenplay authored by Sophia Stewart that she sent all around Hollywood in hopes of making a movie. Ultimately she was never able to sell her unique screenplay however companies that received her screenplay launched two iconic franchises based on details in her manuscript. In the book, after the screenplay she has all the legal evidence proving that major corporations had full knowledge of her story before creating their own renditions in The Terminator and The Matrix franchises. Sophia Stewart has said publicly that in her story “Jon Connor is Neo.” Many believe her assertions as Hollywood is not known for originality and has been outed for years by countless stars as an overall “shady” industry. It is rumored that Sophia Stewart was awarded an unnamed amount after fighting for years in the court systems. Take some time this summer and read The Third Eye for yourself.

The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson

In The Warmth of Other Suns, the author, Isabel Wilkerson interviews 3 people who were apart of The Great Migration when many people left the south and moved to the north of America in search of prosperity and true equality. She narrates their journey and details every emotion along the way. A great and informative read. Every historian should have their very own copy of The Warmth of Other Suns.

-Nikki Mack, Senior Editor

African Americans Break Technological Barriers That Change the World Forever

Inventor of the Digital Cell Phone, Jesse Eugene Russell

Blacks also known as people of African descent are advancing society technologically. The strides African Americans have made in innovation has changed the globe for the better. These inventions, advancements, and innovations are not only mind boggling, they are saving countless lives for the foreseeable future.

A laundry list of ailments and systemic obstacles as well as a sordid and horrid American history has not stopped African Americans from creating life saving innovations to advance society. Jesse Eugene Russell, who shares the namesake with DaChickenShack founder and magnate Jesse Is Heavyweight, invented the digital cell phone that is used by billions of people til this very day and made the “smart phone” possible. An amazing innovation.

Jesse Eugene Russell is only one name in a long line of groundbreaking technological innovation birthed from the minds of African descendants. From curing deafness with 3D printing technology, to inventing the mapping system that GPS is built on, to warming your homes in freezing winter months with no fire wood needed, all the way to the modern day cell phone you are likely reading this article on right now Black people are saving countless lives. With these type of strides in technology under the pressure of a system that has historically disenfranchised, one can only imagine the innovation that is being stifled.

More people are understanding the value in new technology being birthed in the minds of blacks globally and men and women like Alice Parker or Garrett A Morgan prove that the world needs black people to continue to innovate. Companies and firms that understand this will excel exponentially.

Nikki Mack, Editor In Chief

Jesse Is Heavyweight Set To Release Happy To Be Here: Heavyweight Documentary

Heavyweight teased a feature film documentary trailer in 2019. A tell all documentary detailing the birth of Jesse Is Heavyweight’s first successful business Heavyweight Enterprises. The film takes you from the gritty streets of South Oak Cliff, Texas to the Hollywood Hills. From project apartments in Dallas to a successful independent conglomerate ran under the hip hop magnate Jesse Is Heavyweight. Well apparently the red tape is cut and the movie is ready to be released to the masses.

Happy To Be Here, The Official Heavyweight Documentary full feature film will be available at streaming service Tubi, Amazon Prime, and TrapFlix on May 20th.

Nikki Mack, Editor In Chief

African American Woman Responsible for Modern Day Air Conditioning

Alice H. Parker Howard University Alum and Inventor

Alice H. Parker a Howard University alum, shares the alma mater of the founder of DCS, Jesse Is Heavyweight, invented modern day air conditioning when she decided it was too cold in her east coast home and she invented a natural gas heating furnace. Alice Parker patented the invention and changed the course of history forever with her groundbreaking technology.

Alice Parker has saved countless lives and warmed homes and hearts internationally with her advancement in technology. In present times people cannot fathom going without natural gas heating. It is the standard method in homes and buildings til this very day.

Alice Parker’s life was priceless to the technological advancement of the global community. She innovated in 1919 when the world was not a safe place for African Americans to innovate and advance the globe technologically. About a year later this magnificent mind was struck down, many believe by energy giants of today although no one has ever been charged criminally in her early demise. Imagine what other wonders she was working on. Given the social climate to allow African Americans to innovate for the globe the technological advancement will be unmatched.

Nikki Mack, Editor In Chief

African American Revolutionizes Safety Industry Globally with Technology Innovations

Inventor Garrett Augustus Morgan Senior

Inventor Garrett A. Morgan is responsible for the modern day traffic light and the modern day gas mask. Garrett Morgan’s gas mask helped save dozens of men in a tunnel accident. The traffic light regulates the flow of traffic and saves countless lives internationally till this very day. Garrett Morgan’s innovations are largely uncelebrated although the way these inventions have changed the world are no small feat.

The technological advancements that the African diaspora has been responsible for that has revolutionized the way humans live life can not be ignored. Given the proper funding, the proper mentor programs, and effective networking the advancements humanity could make in a short amount of time needs to be explored.

Garrett A Morgan is one inventor, one genius, one savior, in a long list of innovators. His life and legacy shows the world that groundbreaking innovations that change the world for the better could come from any walk of life.

Nikki Mack, Editor In Chief

Dr. Gladys West Responsible for GPS Tracking System

African-Americans are making groundbreaking innovations. These innovations are changing the way humanity lives. They are building blocks for the world of the future.

Dr. Gladys West a well educated mathematician and scientist helped map the Earth accurately allowing for the (GPS) Global Positioning System to exist. Dr. West is highly revered and has prestigious awards for her work.

Although some believe GPS has some serious privacy implications for citizens worldwide, the foundation has been laid to touch every part of the Earth. Dr Gladys West is one in a long line of African American scientists who continue to push society forward.

Nikki Mack, Editor in Chief

Technological Advancement on the Rise in the Black Global Community

Black people have led the charge in many technological breakthroughs going back to the beginning of time. These advancements have afforded humanity some of the necessities and the luxuries of today. Without black people the world would have no sewer system, no major cities, as those foundational breakthroughs come directly from ancient Africa. The advancements offered by black people hasn’t slowed up despite societal obstacles directly in the path of innovation. They continue to advance.

Modern day technological advancements by black people have been amazing to say the least. Everything from inventing the modern day traffic light (Garrett A. Morgan) which governs civilized societies globally today to the digital cell phone (Jesse Eugene Russell) that has revolutionized telecommunication across the world. Black people have continued to be outstanding when it comes to advancing society and show no signs of taking their foot off the gas no matter global affairs or perceived obstacles.

In Kenya two black inventors have designed and developed an amazing breakthrough. They have created a bio robotic device that responds to brain signals allowing for any paraplegic to be able to have the ability of arm or leg usage. This innovation opens the door for a world of opportunity for humanity. David Gathu and Moses Kinyua are creating waves in robotics that will help change the landscape of modern physical rehabilitation. These inventors are pushing the envelope along with countless black people across the Diaspora. 

Encourage the black intellect for life changing innovation as this group has shown and proved continually. Most recently a black woman cracked the code to cure cancer and a black man cured deafness. Given an optimal environment to grow mentally and proper resources, black people can advance society at least 200 years technologically.


Nikki Mack, Editor in Chief

Jesse Is Heavyweight Launches the “Shawty Can’t Eat No Books” Book Club

In 2019 magnate Jesse Is Heavyweight released his first best selling inspirational motivational book entitled Simply: A Time Capsule. In addition to his book release he decided to launch the very first hip hop Book Club. The Book Club was inspired by the iconic phrasing from Hype Williams’ Belly. “Shawty Can’t Eat No Books” Book Club