DCS Institution

Demonstration. Connection. Salvation.

Driving Champions of Society Institution

DCS Institution is a co-educational independent urban boarding program for community building. With at least one program located in every major city in the United States and headquartered in the South Oak Cliff section of Dallas, Texas the aim of the organization is to fight poverty, homelessness and ignorance by allowing applicants a program that turns them into community leaders and driving champions of society.

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The boarding program has already saved well over a dozen lives by providing housing, technical training and skills as well as employment placement. Currently, DCS boarding community is strategically located in privatized rental properties across the United States however, in 2024 ground breaks on the first DCS campus complete with housing accommodations, classrooms, information labs and state-of-the-art technology.

By 2030 there will be at least two DCS campuses in every major city in the world.

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Empowered to create and promote a healthy ecology and economy through the realization of a clean and efficient ecosystem, business growth and employment opportunities across industries, and increasing awareness to the masses about the very real dangers of our collective actions as a global community. H.E.E.M. acts as a service arm to DCS.

Our First Initiative: Beautify The Globe

H.E.E.M. Non Profit

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Throughout the greater community the world is familiar with the phrase “Knowledge Is Power” and it has resounded for decades and in many ways was a pillar in helping shape the hip hop community. Championed by community leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Medgar Evers. Later it resounded thanks to the leaders of the modern era, rap artists like Ice Cube, as well as Chuck D of Public Enemy helped popularize the important phrase in their era. The Smart Is Cool Initiative stands on the shoulder of the legendary phrase.  Smart Is Cool is an event leg of DCS/HEEM as well as a branding phrase to push the Smart Is Cool lifestyle and reality onto the masses.

Check DCS for advancements and expansion of the Smart Is Cool Initiative.

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The Eat To Live Initiative is the latest philanthropic endeavor conceptualized by Jesse Is Heavyweight New Years Eve 2019. With so many people ignorant to good diets and the misinformation disseminated throughout the food industry this initiative is formed to resist unhealthy and/or deadly food and bad diets. Eat To Live serves as an event leg of DCS/HEEM as well as a branding phrase to remind the masses to Eat To Live. Ultimately this initiative will lead to organic food trucks, food sharing programs nationwide as well as an agriculture education for the masses.

Check DCS for advancements and expansion of the Eat To Live Initiative.



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The Shawty Can’t Eat No Books Book Club was started to bring awareness to the power of reading and to provide a guide to millennials. The inaugural book chosen to launch the book club is non other than The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Watch the video here:

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is the inaugural pick in The Shawty Can’t Eat No Books Book Club 📚 The Alchemist is an excellent short read that will open your mind to perception and the true possibility of oneself. This book has made tons of reading lists since it first dropped and still provides aide till this very day. No spoilers here but you will find yourself questioning your own choices and journey through life as you read through the story of the farm boy who goes on an epic exploration for his very own fortune. 💰 Very fitting for the first book in a book club named after Tommy Buns’ infamous saying “Shawty Can’t Eat No Books” while Buns was under the spell of chasing his own fortune. A must read for all.



In honor of two young African-American men, both collegiate entrepreneurs, who were gunned down in their prime.

Our scholarship fund pays homage to these two young men and we hope to bring awareness and salvation to the plight plaguing so many positive African-American men. Every scholastic year this fund vows to help send at risk youth to the college or university of their choice. This fund is promoted in over 50 high schools to date.

Esco – Fortune Scholarship Fund

Founder and Chairman

Jesse Is Heavyweight

Jesse Is Heavyweight

Jesse Is Heavyweight was born and raised in the South Oak Cliff section of Dallas Texas and he has continued to make his hometown proud. Jesse Is Heavyweight is the Founder and CEO of stapled media label Heavyweight Enterprises (responsible for breaking various music acts). Jesse Is Heavyweight is lead fashion designer at high fashion house Signature TOIDI (Luxury TOIDI projected well over $5M in revenue in 2021). Jesse Is Heavyweight is also coChairman and President of prestigious scholarship fund, Esco – Fortune Scholarships, in honor of two slain Howard University classmates and entrepreneurs, NYC supermodel JuBar “Esco” Croswell and Atlanta famed tattooist Andrew Fortune. The Esco – Fortune Scholarship Fund helps send at least one black student from the urban community to a university every school year. In addition he founded the Healthy Ecology & Economy for Mankind non profit organization and has championed the Beautify The Globe Initiative by cleaning one street at a time. Presently the group has cleaned over 724 streets in the USA.

JESSE IS HEAVYWEIGHT is a beloved hip hop magnate who holds a myriad of businesses across industries. An Atwell, Townview Magnet Center, MIT and historic Howard University alum, home to Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and billion dollar box office actor Chadwick Boseman, Jesse launched his first successful business on Howard’s campus his freshman year and continues to innovate in business as well as altruism as he is the Founder and Chairman of DaChickenShack non profit groups.

Jesse Is Heavyweight is a hip hop maven, a best-selling author, movie producer, an original performance and recording artist as well as a beloved family man as his maternal grandmother had 10 children. Lastly, Jesse is the Chairman of the Board of the Power Brokers Group, a super PAC and networking organization and is quietly building the brand of the future.

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