Dr.Dre Announces Being The First Hip Hop Billionaire!!!!

Apparently Dr.Dre and Jimmy Iovine sold Beats By Dre to Apple for a little over $3.2 Billion. Late last night Tyrese shot this viral video with Dr.Dre and it seems like they are all having a great time with the Doc. Shout out to F. Gary Gray repping South Central in the vid. And I guess congratulations is in order for Dr. Dre on another successful business venture. SMS Audio eat your heart out.


Steve Francis Rolling Rolling Rolling, He Aint Slept In Weeks

Former All Star basketball player Steve Francis seems to be having a tough run. Here we find him in the club alone feeling Beyonce’s Drunk In Love a little too much… In the end of this pirated video he falls over after drinking a whole lot of water. Just Say No.

L.A. Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Is Exposed As A Hardcore Racist


L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who for 30 years has presided over the city’s second NBA franchise, became the object of national outrage and the target of an NBA investigation Saturday after allegedly making derogatory remarks about blacks.

In an audio recording, released by celebrity gossip site TMZ, a person identified as Sterling argues with his girlfriend, criticizing her for posting a picture of herself on Instagram posing with Lakers legend Magic Johnson.
This article says Mayor Eric Garcetti issued a statement “condemning the billionaire.” In fact, the statement condemned the alleged remarks of the billionaire.
“It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people,” Sterling allegedly says, later adding, “I’m just saying, in your … Instagrams, you don’t have to have yourself with, walking with black people.
“Don’t put him on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me. And don’t bring him to my games.”
The release of the recording came after the Clippers’ best regular season and on the eve of Game 4 of the first-round playoff series with the Golden State Warriors. It touched off a furor, with Clippers fans as well as Miami Heat star LeBron James and other top players criticizing Sterling.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti issued a statement condemning the billionaire, who turned 80 on Saturday.
Clippers Coach Doc Rivers was visibly angry at the recording’s content and the distraction it caused.
“I think the biggest statement we can make as men — not as black men, as men — is to stick together and show how strong we are as a group, not splinter, not walk,” Rivers said. “It’s easy to protest. The protest will be in our play.”
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver told reporters in Memphis, Tenn., the remarks were “truly offensive and disturbing” and said the league intended to conduct an investigation into the recording’s authenticity that would “move extraordinarily quickly,” possibly concluding in the next few days. Silver said Sterling would not attend Sunday’s game at Oracle Arena in Oakland.
Silver would not comment what action the league would take if an investigation establishes Sterling made the comment. But it could include a hefty fine or suspension. A demand that he sell the team is unlikely.
TMZ did not say how it obtained the recording. The Times has not verified the recording for its authenticity.
The woman on the recording, who identifies herself as Mexican and black, was said to be V. Stiviano, who is in her 20s and who has often been seen at Sterling’s side. In a lawsuit filed last month, Sterling’s wife, Rochelle, contends her husband showered Stiviano in money and expensive cars, and that he had been having an affair with her for four years.
Clippers President Andy Roeser released a statement that questioned the authenticity of the recording and the motives of Stiviano, who he noted is the defendant in Rochelle Sterling’s $1.8-million embezzlement case.
Roeser claimed that after the lawsuit was filed, Stiviano told Donald Sterling that she would “get even.” The team executive also said what was stated on the recording “is not consistent with, nor does it reflect [Sterling’s] views, beliefs or feelings.”
Rivers said he would speak for his Clippers players regarding the controversy. During a 45-minute team meeting Saturday morning, he said, his players voiced their displeasure over the remarks.
“No one was happy about it,” Rivers said at the practice court at the University of San Francisco, before alluding to the unity among his white and black players. “J.J. Redick was just as [mad] as Chris Paul and that’s the way it should be.”
Players considered wearing black socks or armbands in protest during Sunday’s game but worried about being viewed as radical.


We here at Da Chicken Shack don’t respect Doc Rivers or any player who plays for an openly racist owner. In Donald Sterling’s rant he spoke on giving these blacks food and shelter and when they go play ball for his organization they are only backing his statements up. Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne both released viral videos denouncing Sterling as did Barack Obama.


Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz

Probably the best video of 2014 so far. This video takes the tone of Xzibit’s What You See Is What You Get or even more recently Lil Wayne’s A Milli or even 2 Chainz & Kanye West’s Birthday Song, where it’s a one shot walkthrough. Granted the video doesn’t really detail the song or the song content but it’s still a pretty good visual. Hol up! We Dem Boyz!

The Smoke Box: Devin The Dude

Devin the Dude stops by B.Real’s smoke box to chop up some OG game. They discuss when Devin started smoking weed, his new album, his hip hop origins, and of course getting stoned out of a Timbaland boot if you can get it to smoke. Thanks B.Real for this exclusive interview and huge shout out to Devin for taking a seat in the Smoke Box.

(R.I.P. Doe) Doe B | Let Me Find Out

Doe B was a new underground rapper from Montgomery, Alabama, after dropping a slew of mixtapes and a few videos he found himself signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle imprint. He was murdered at a popular street nightclub in Montgomery a couple days after Christmas in 2013, to add insult to injury one of the two gunman appears at the 11 second mark in his street classic Let Me Find Out. Even more eerie is at the 11 second mark the video audio says “fuck nigga” while showing Doe B’s shooter. Given Doe B’s talent and the fact that he was on the rise alot of people from the deep south thought he would be the next huge rapper. T.I. spoke at Doe B’s funeral and vowed to keep Doe B’s legacy alive. Let’s hope so. Most recently a new video was released with the mixtape DOAT3. Long Live Doe B! Live from Da Chicken Shack…

Doe B –  Definition of a Trapper Volume 3


Student Stabs 20 People At His High School



Hours after a routine school day turned terrifying, students at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pa., described what they went through during the stabbing rampage that sent 20 people to hospitals today.

Some had gone home to feel safe. Some had to be with friends to work through their emotions.

As the horror began, students had just arrived for the first class. Some were still outside. Suddenly there was a commotion in the science wing.

“At first we just thought it was a group of boys being immature and fighting,” said sophomore Cameron Lazor, 16. “Then we saw the blood and realized it was something scary.”

“I saw a senior girl, and she was gushing blood down her arm.” said Mia Meixler, 16, a sophomore. “I didn’t think anyone saw her but me, so I tried to help her. I asked if she wanted to go to the nurse. But then all the kids started running and screaming down the hall. A teacher got to the girl and told me to run out.”

Junior Nicole Damico, 16, was on the second floor of the school when the fire alarm went off. She and her friends thought it was a drill, so they slowly made their way downstairs, where they discovered something serious was going on.

“We saw two kids down the hall, and it looked like they were play fighting,” Nicole said. “I realized that one had a knife, so we sprinted out of the school. I saw one of my peers near the entrance of the school who had blood everywhere. He asked me for help. I just froze and ran out of the school. After that there was chaos.”

Meanwhile, the suspect began to chase sophomore Trinity McCool, 16, as she and a friend fled.

“When he was chasing us, I saw his face — the look in his eyes. I was horrified,” she said.

Trinity and her friend made it out of the school unharmed, but Trinity said she was rattled by the event and went home.

“I’m still really just distraught and stressed and scared,” she said.

Senior Tanya Leeman, 17, had just gotten to school when the fire alarm went off and was still in her car. Her sister, a sophomore, was stuck inside until police let everyone leave four hours later.

Because her sister did not have a phone with her, Tanya said, she was worried as she waited to hear that her sister was all right.

“I was scared because we didn’t know how many kids had gotten slashed or were missing,” she said.

“It was so unreal for all of us,” Tanya said. “We weren’t expecting something to happen at Franklin. We watched what happened in Connecticut on TV and thought that would never happen here.”

Nicole also made it safely out of the school.

“Us kids have been through hell and back,” she said. “It made me realize that anything could happen at anytime. It was just a regular day.”

Cameron said he was too shaken up to go home by himself.

“I’m with some friends because we didn’t want to be alone today,” he said. “We can’t believe it’s real. The whole situation keeps playing over and over in our heads.”

Mia said, “I think we’re all really scared, but it’s also nice that our whole community is coming together.”

Nicole agreed.

“Times like these, everyone just freaks out, and you don’t know what to do,” she said. “My peers have saved people’s lives. It started off scary and chaotic, but it’s amazing to hear how we’ve stuck together as a family.”

Psychiatrist and trauma specialist Steven Berkowitz said all the students, not just those physically injured, will wrestle with the experience — especially those who witnessed the bloody scene.

“In these kinds of situations, the psychological casualties usually outnumber the physical casualties,” he said. “It’s not just the kids who were stabbed, but all the kids at the school.”

Berkowitz, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine and the director of the Penn Center for Youth and Family Trauma Response and Recovery, said students and their parents may experience symptoms of psychological distress, including trouble sleeping, intrusive thoughts about the incident and mood swings. In some cases, students may have post-traumatic stress disorder, depression or turn to substance abuse, he said.

The children may fear going to school, “and parents will be afraid to send them,” Berkowitz said. He advises parents to get their kids back to school and their normal routine.

“One of the most important things … is to get back on the horse. It’s really true,” he said. “The more you let it interfere with your normal routines, the harder it will be in the long term.”

Students will have a wide range of responses depending on their physical and emotional connection to the stabbing and their natural emotional makeup.

“There are individuals who are going to be more resilient than others,” he said. “This is the kind of large-scale event where so many kids were exposed. They saw it. They heard it. They had friends who were hurt. Early interventions and monitoring are really, really key and crucial.”

Lil Boosie Before He Went To Prison Back In 2009

Lil Boosie has been killing the underground scene for quite some time. This video was shot by our personal friends at StreetHeat before Lil Boosie went to prison. Welcome Home Lil Boosie