African American Woman Responsible for Modern Day Air Conditioning

Alice H. Parker Howard University Alum and Inventor

Alice H. Parker a Howard University alum, shares the alma mater of the founder of DCS, Jesse Is Heavyweight, invented modern day air conditioning when she decided it was too cold in her east coast home and she invented a natural gas heating furnace. Alice Parker patented the invention and changed the course of history forever with her groundbreaking technology.

Alice Parker has saved countless lives and warmed homes and hearts internationally with her advancement in technology. In present times people cannot fathom going without natural gas heating. It is the standard method in homes and buildings til this very day.

Alice Parker’s life was priceless to the technological advancement of the global community. She innovated in 1919 when the world was not a safe place for African Americans to innovate and advance the globe technologically. About a year later this magnificent mind was struck down, many believe by energy giants of today although no one has ever been charged criminally in her early demise. Imagine what other wonders she was working on. Given the social climate to allow African Americans to innovate for the globe the technological advancement will be unmatched.

Nikki Mack, Editor In Chief

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