African American Revolutionizes Safety Industry Globally with Technology Innovations

Inventor Garrett Augustus Morgan Senior

Inventor Garrett A. Morgan is responsible for the modern day traffic light and the modern day gas mask. Garrett Morgan’s gas mask helped save dozens of men in a tunnel accident. The traffic light regulates the flow of traffic and saves countless lives internationally till this very day. Garrett Morgan’s innovations are largely uncelebrated although the way these inventions have changed the world are no small feat.

The technological advancements that the African diaspora has been responsible for that has revolutionized the way humans live life can not be ignored. Given the proper funding, the proper mentor programs, and effective networking the advancements humanity could make in a short amount of time needs to be explored.

Garrett A Morgan is one inventor, one genius, one savior, in a long list of innovators. His life and legacy shows the world that groundbreaking innovations that change the world for the better could come from any walk of life.

Nikki Mack, Editor In Chief

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