African Americans Break Technological Barriers That Change the World Forever

Inventor of the Digital Cell Phone, Jesse Eugene Russell

Blacks also known as people of African descent are advancing society technologically. The strides African Americans have made in innovation has changed the globe for the better. These inventions, advancements, and innovations are not only mind boggling, they are saving countless lives for the foreseeable future.

A laundry list of ailments and systemic obstacles as well as a sordid and horrid American history has not stopped African Americans from creating life saving innovations to advance society. Jesse Eugene Russell, who shares the namesake with DaChickenShack founder and magnate Jesse Is Heavyweight, invented the digital cell phone that is used by billions of people til this very day and made the “smart phone” possible. An amazing innovation.

Jesse Eugene Russell is only one name in a long line of groundbreaking technological innovation birthed from the minds of African descendants. From curing deafness with 3D printing technology, to inventing the mapping system that GPS is built on, to warming your homes in freezing winter months with no fire wood needed, all the way to the modern day cell phone you are likely reading this article on right now Black people are saving countless lives. With these type of strides in technology under the pressure of a system that has historically disenfranchised, one can only imagine the innovation that is being stifled.

More people are understanding the value in new technology being birthed in the minds of blacks globally and men and women like Alice Parker or Garrett A Morgan prove that the world needs black people to continue to innovate. Companies and firms that understand this will excel exponentially.

Nikki Mack, Editor In Chief