Spotlight: David Steward

David Steward and his wife enjoy a grand opening

David Steward is a magnate, icon and champion similar to our founder Jesse Is Heavyweight. He is one of the more “quiet” builders in America. David was born in the dangerous gang ridden city of Chicago. David stayed focused on the books and practiced staying out of trouble. As a result of keeping his eyes on the prize he was able to find himself as an owner. David Steward founded his business and married the love of his life and built an empire. He left Chicago in search of greener pastures and found them.

A secret to David’s massive success is government contracts. His business, World Wide Technology, he runs it with his business partner and they rake in loads of dough. David Steward is showing black men from inner cities everywhere that the power to run big business and build in your community and family is the norm. David has out earned every rap artist and athlete to date with ease. The whole time staying outside the mainstream spotlight that so many young entrepreneurs chase and covet.

Here at Da Chicken Shack we want to honor and spotlight David Steward known in many circles as simply Dave. We wish you great health and wealth and we appreciate your contributions to the overall diaspora by focusing on business and leading by example.

Senior Editor, Nikki Mack


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