Technological Advancement on the Rise in the Black Global Community

Black people have led the charge in many technological breakthroughs going back to the beginning of time. These advancements have afforded humanity some of the necessities and the luxuries of today. Without black people the world would have no sewer system, no major cities, as those foundational breakthroughs come directly from ancient Africa. The advancements offered by black people hasn’t slowed up despite societal obstacles directly in the path of innovation. They continue to advance.

Modern day technological advancements by black people have been amazing to say the least. Everything from inventing the modern day traffic light (Garrett A. Morgan) which governs civilized societies globally today to the digital cell phone (Jesse Eugene Russell) that has revolutionized telecommunication across the world. Black people have continued to be outstanding when it comes to advancing society and show no signs of taking their foot off the gas no matter global affairs or perceived obstacles.

In Kenya two black inventors have designed and developed an amazing breakthrough. They have created a bio robotic device that responds to brain signals allowing for any paraplegic to be able to have the ability of arm or leg usage. This innovation opens the door for a world of opportunity for humanity. David Gathu and Moses Kinyua are creating waves in robotics that will help change the landscape of modern physical rehabilitation. These inventors are pushing the envelope along with countless black people across the Diaspora. 

Encourage the black intellect for life changing innovation as this group has shown and proved continually. Most recently a black woman cracked the code to cure cancer and a black man cured deafness. Given an optimal environment to grow mentally and proper resources, black people can advance society at least 200 years technologically.


Nikki Mack, Editor in Chief

Published by dachickenshack

Urban Institution

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