Please Be Careful Around Police!!! And Know The LAW

***UPDATE*** “Someone” has erased the video from the internet. We’ll keep the post up because it happened and we documented it regardless if the video has been removed.

In this video a white man (an American citizen) explains to the police officer in a calm tone why he shouldn’t be bothered or harassed for watching the police do their job. The officer throws the man’s license at him and screams in his face that he is a chicken shit motherfucker. The officer’s partner steps in to diffuse the volatile situation and the man pulled over files an assault charge against the angry officer.

We salute this guy for understanding his rights and enforcing them but please be careful around police, they are some of the most volatile people in America. In this video the guy who has criminal attributes is evident and it’s not the citizen pulled over. If this is how this officer deals with a white couple imagine how he deals with a black man. Please be safe out there. There are so many accounts of police officers wrongly murdering innocent citizens of every nationality. Most recently a producer on Tosh.0 was shot and killed by overzealous police officers because he was fleeing an erratic man with a knife. Not to mention Sean Bell , Oscar Grant  or the many others that are murdered in error because like this video shows you, these “peace officers” can’t seem to control their tempers. Even in the most peaceful of situations like this routine traffic stop. I guess it doesn’t help that after these heinous acts most officers slide with just losing their jobs or only a couple of years in prison.

Be safe everyone and if your an officer reading this please be fair and just, your job comes with huge responsibility.

The officer spitting, yelling, and throwing items should be fired before he really hurts someone and in addition to filing criminal charges against this officer, I hope the civilian also files a civil suit. How could there be peace with no justice.


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